Wine Bottle Photography 

You know high quality, professional photography is vitally important to promote & sell your products. Our wine bottle photography services provide you with beautifully lit, clear & sharp wine bottle images, which are not only perfectly suited for websites and print advertising, they are versatile and can be featured in social media, media publications, newspapers & magazines, etc.

Our quality services, excellent prices and fast turnaround make us the No.1 choice for wine bottle photography.

Expertise in wine bottle photography

Our special technique in wine bottle photography has taken many years to develope & perfect. In our studio, every wine bottle photo is dynamically custom lit in accordance to wine type, bottle shape & finish, label design & material. The utmost attention is paid to every details - label printing & embellishment, glass & foil reflection etc, to insure your wine bottles look their best in the images. We can also match your existing or preferred lighting style if you want us to do so.

In House Post Production

Our highly skilled post production staffs will then process the raw images in Photoshop. All images are colour corrected & tonel inhanced, and airbrushed to remove blemishes & inperfection. Every image is strickly checked for quality before final delivery.

Guidelines for Wine Bottle Submission:

- check for any bottle markings, especially no serial number near the bottom of the glass
- choose bottles with a seam that runs down the side as viewed facing the label
- while each bottle will be cleaned before being photographed, check to make sure the bottle has not been in contact with any spray or coating which may leave a film on the glass

- make sure the label is positioned correctly (not too low or high, or crooked)
- label should be free of any scuff marks or tears

Bottle Neck
- with foil closures, make sure it is smooth and does not have any wrinkles or seams
- if the cap includes text or graphics, make sure those are clearly visible and lined up with the main label